As a writing instructor, flexible revision policies are at the core of my teaching philosophy. Below are a few examples of revision policies in courses I have taught, along with student comments about the policies.

Visual Rhetoric:
For some assignments, I will offer a chance to revise your project for a higher grade. If you would like to revise your project, the process will unfold as follows:

  1. Notify me that you would like to revise your assignment via the specified Google form.
  2. Make an appointment with me to discuss how to revise your assignment.
  3. Meet with me! We will discuss how to improve your project and set goals for the revision.
  4. Write a reflective memo of at least 500 words detailing how you revised your project, how you met the goals we set, and what you learned from the revision
  5. Submit both the revised assignment and your reflective memo to Moodle by the designated time (for Assignment 1 this is midnight on Nov 26th).

It is my policy that you cannot revise for a lower grade. If it turns out that the revision does not meet the goals we set sufficiently, or the changes you make would result in a lower grade, your initial grade will stand.

Technical and Professional Writing:
Students may revise papers for a higher grade if they notify me in email within two weeks of receiving their graded paper. (The last two assignments may not be eligible for revision due to end-of-semester time constraints.) Students wishing to revise a paper must schedule a conference with me to discuss revisions. To earn a higher grade on a paper, students must provide a revised paper and a memo detailing what revisions were made. Revisions must be substantive, must address marginal and rubric comments and comments made during the revision conference, and must improve the paper in order to earn a higher grade. The revised paper and revision memo must be submitted by a deadline determined together by the student and instructor.

Student Comments about Revision Policies and Flexibility:

  • “You are very accommodating and supportive of students’ work-life balance, and I greatly appreciate it.”
  • “Was always open for contact and help, flexible with deadlines.”
  • “Ashley was approachable and open to questions. She offered a lot of opportunities to revise our assignments and come to office hours.”




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