In Spring 2017, I taught Digital Writing as an entirely online class. The class was a mix of discussing theories of digital rhetoric, communication, design, and other fields, and creating digital media projects, like audio interview essays, video essays, blog posts, and an ePortfolio. We also created project plans and design documents for the ePortfolio itself, and we talked about current topics related to Digital Writing.  It was a busy class, to say the least!

Excerpts from Student Assessment of Instruction:

  • From quantitative assessment:
    • Overall assessment of instructor: 65% Excellent, 6% Very Good, 24% Good, 6% Fair, 0% Poor, 0% Blank
  • From qualitative comments:
    • Dr. Clayson most definitely pushes us to do our best each and every step of the way. She clearly articulates her expectations for each assignment (no matter how minor) and is very quick to reply whenever we pose a question. She also carefully nudges us to think about the big picture if we become too myopic. It’s certainly been a challenging class but it has been all the more enriching for it.
    • The instructor was enthusiastic and committed. The course expected much from the student in terms of ability to do websites, podcasts and blogs. The instructor did make a real effort to help students and fill the knowledge gap that some of us had on the creation and production of websites, podcasts and blogs. The course might have been helped by a textbook maybe.
    • I enjoyed the class even though it is a difficult course, mainly because I’ve fought against technology for so long. Professor Clayson is excellent, during the semester she was very engaging, enthusiastic, always available for us, and promptly gave us feedback. I learned a lot from this class.
    • One of the most interesting courses I have taken so far. Educational and enjoyable.