In Fall 2017, I taught a studio course based in the Biology Department at the University of West Florida. In studio pedagogy, students bring in work from other classes or projects to work on via peer workshopping, and that’s just what we did in this class. Graduate students and undergraduate students worked together on grant proposals, personal statements, papers for classes, and other projects. Students also created an ePortfolio as a final project for the class, showcasing the writing they worked on in the studio.

Excerpts from Student Assessment of Instruction:

  • D. Clayson is a wonderful instructor who gives helpful feedback and is always available to students.
  • Dr. Clayson did an incredible job in personally making sure that every student learned something new with every class period. She was able to grasp the students’ attention in discussing scientific writing and stylistic writing techniques that have made EVERY student in the class a much better writer and literary analyst. The assignments were challenging, engaging, and pushed the student just outside of their comfort zone, which enabled the student to grow and identify mistakes in their own prose of writing and editing. The classroom environment was shame-free and relaxing when critiquing our own and others’ work.