As an academic, I round out my research and teaching experiences with a healthy serving (pun intended) of service.

Outreach: Writing at Work Podcast

This summer, I launched the Writing at Work Podcast, which features interviews with professionals about the writing they do at work. The podcast is intended to be a resource for writing teachers to share with their students. The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms. Transcripts and show notes are available at the podcast website.

ePortfolio and Programmatic Assessment

At the University of West Florida, my service work has been primarily about assessment. I have served on the ePortfolio Assessment Committees for four of our Public, Technical, and Workplace Writing Certificate graduates, and am serving as the coordinator for one of those committees this Fall. The committees provided multiple rounds of feedback to students submitting ePortfolios for the Certificate program.

Additionally, I served on the assessment team for the Biology Writing Studio Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) Project. I have actually worked with the Biology Writing Studio project in multiple capacities; I developed the original course curriculum and taught the first version of the class in Fall 2016. In Spring 2017, I passed the instructor baton onto a colleague in order to teach my first online class, but I still served on the project assessment team, looking at student writing and discussing with colleagues ways to improve the curriculum and course learnign outcomes.

Journal and Conference Proposal Reviewer 

I have served as a reviewer for the following journals and conferences:

  • Association of Business Communication Conference
  • Written Communication
  • Journal of Business and Technical Communication

Conference and Event Organization

As a graduate student, I helped found the Doing Rhetoric at the U Graduate Student Conference at the University of Minnesota. In 2013, I was a member of the inaugural “Doing Rhetoric at the U” conference planning committee, and in 2014, I co-organized the second version of the conference. Our conference brought together the Writing Studies and Communications departments at the University of Minnesota to examine how our departments approach rhetoric–how our studies overlap, interact, and differ.

I also co-organized the first Graduate Student Wellness Event sponsored by the Gradaute and Professional Student Mental Health Committee in Spring 2016. I invited speakers, secured a venue, and coordinated refreshments.

Committee Work

At the University of West Florida, I currently serve on the Composition Committee. As a graduate student, I served on several departmental, institutional, and disciplinary committees:

  • Graduate and Professional Student Mental Health Committee, 2015 – 2016.
  • Student Adviser to the Director of Graduate Studies, 2013 – 2014
  • Greater Plains Alliance Computers and Writing Conference Committee, 2013
  • Graduate Studies Committee, 2012 – 2013




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