This page showcases select conference papers and presentations. It also details my involvement in co-founding and -organizing the first and second Doing Rhetoric at the U graduate student conferences.

Conference for the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

In October 2017, I will present on a panel at the CPTSC Conference. The panelists and I will discuss the development and implementation of a Professional, Technical, and Workplace Writing (PTWW) Certificate program in the Department of English at UWF, and the ePortfolios students create as a part of that program. For my part, I will share data from an ongoing study on student and alumni use of ePortfolios on the job market.

Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning Lilly Conference

In February of 2017, I was on a panel discussing the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) developed by UWF’s College of Business. We discussed the rubrics developed as a part of the QEP, for which I consulted, and gave attendees practical tips on using similar rubrics in their programs. For my part of the presentation, I discussed common issues in student writing and how to assess and provide feedback on them via the rubric. My goal was to demonstrate that most serious issues in student writing are not actually grammar, but rather, often have to do with student understanding, either of the material or of the assignment.

Association for Business Communication

In 2016, I presented a study of online identity and expertise as negotiated in online cosplay tutorials. I found that amateur-authored cosplay tutorials frequently worked to conceal personal identity in process photos, perhaps in an attempt to emulate professional instructional genres. This study raised questions about how the instructional genre is currently taught, and how it should be taught in the age of online amateur tutorials.

Conference on College Composition and Communication (4Cs)

At the 2015 4Cs, I presented preliminary findings from my dissertation project. In this project, I examine five writers collaboratively planning a written document. I argue that writing is distributed across tools, artifacts, and human bodies, even for these face-to-face writers; this presentation will describe preliminary findings on how writing is distributed across tools, artifacts, and bodies.

Writing Research Across Borders

At WRAB III (2014)–in Paris, no less!–I co-presented with Professor Christina Haas our interview study on writing and gesture: a case study of a single writer discussing a writing difficulty. We found that the writer used gesture to work through the writing difficulty–sorting ideas and concepts spatially in order to also separate them conceptually.

Rhetoric Society of America

At the 16th Biennial RSA Conference (2014), Rachel Tofteland and I presented a second study that we worked on with Professor Haas. This study extended our work on gesture into the realm of collaborative writing. We described an empirical observation of two writers collaboratively planning a written document. We found that the writers used gesture to “shape” the text before writing it.

Doing Rhetoric at the U

Doing Rhetoric at the U is a graduate-student-run conference put on by the Departments of Communication and Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota. The conference is designed to bring graduate students and faculty from across “the U” with an interest in rhetoric to share and discuss their work.

As a member of the inaugural organizing committee, I secured the event venue for the 2012 conference. For the 2014 conference, I secured the venue, recruited keynotes, designed the event program, and helped ensure the event ran smoothly. I continue to serve in an advisory capacity for the 2016 conference, though I will graduate before the conference takes place. I look forward to watching this conference continue to grow in the hands of my excellent colleagues.


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