Illustration comparing the 2-dimensional presence of written text on a screen to the 3-dimensional presence of printed text

Text Sense: A Writer’s Sixth Sense

Writers, does this ever happen to you? You hit a major road block in your current project. You’ve been staring at the computer screen for what surely must be hours to no avail. Finally, exasperated, you decide to copy edit what you’ve got, so you print out your work and break out the red pen. … Continue reading Text Sense: A Writer’s Sixth Sense

Close up of professional microphone. Photo titled "Microphone" licensed under Creative Commons Attribute license under Matthew Keefe.

Writing at Work Podcast Launch

This project began back in 2016, right after I finished my dissertation. It stalled a bit as I began my postdoc at the University of West Florida, but I am happy to announce that I recently launched the Writing at Work Podcast, which features interviews with professionals about the writing they do at work. The … Continue reading Writing at Work Podcast Launch

Most of a calendar is blurry in the background, with the focus on the bright red number thirty.

Postdoc One Year Anniversary!

It's official! As of July 1st, 2017, I have been a postdoc for a whole year! To attempt to distill an entire year's worth of new experiences into a single listicle of lessons learned might seem Sisyphean, but academics are masochists, right, so why not?

Light from a nearby window reflects off of a Macbook screen showing several lines of code.

Do students really use their ePortfolios?

...Or do they disappear into the deep, dark void of cyberspace? The ePortfolios, not the students. That's the question that drives one of my current research projects. My interest in this question stems from my own experience as a student. As a Master's student in Auburn's Technical and Professional Communication program (or, for short, the MTPC program), I … Continue reading Do students really use their ePortfolios?