This project began back in 2016, right after I finished my dissertation. It stalled a bit as I began my postdoc at the University of West Florida, but I am happy to announce that I recently launched the Writing at Work Podcast, which features interviews with professionals about the writing they do at work.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast apps. Transcripts and show notes are available at the show site.

My goal with this podcast is simple: to provide writing teachers and students “a peek behind the professional writing curtain.” I want students to hear first-hand, from working professionals, what the work of writing is like. I want them to hear about the documents we don’t get to teach them in the limited time they spend in our classes. And I want them to hear about how even the documents we do teach them can vary from profession to profession.

So far, there are only four episodes out, but I have four more interviews scheduled and other guests waiting in the wings. I can’t wait to share these conversations with teachers and students! Plus, I get to talk to people about their writing–one of my favorite parts about studying writing.¬†Podcast Logo for the Writing at Work Podcast. Black text on a light blue background reads "Writing at Work." A black silhouette of a pencil sits below the text, and white text on the pencil reads "interviews with technical and professional writers."


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