Two students work on laptops in a library.

Online Teaching Reflections: Discussion Boards

This morning I wrote my last-ever Weekly Reminders email to my first ever online class. As most "last-ever" teaching moments are, this one was bittersweet. I've enjoyed teaching this class; my students have been a delight, and it's been really lovely to see them tackle the challenging material I've set them and wrestle with difficult … Continue reading Online Teaching Reflections: Discussion Boards

Light from a nearby window reflects off of a Macbook screen showing several lines of code.

Do students really use their ePortfolios?

...Or do they disappear into the deep, dark void of cyberspace? The ePortfolios, not the students. That's the question that drives one of my current research projects. My interest in this question stems from my own experience as a student. As a Master's student in Auburn's Technical and Professional Communication program (or, for short, the MTPC program), I … Continue reading Do students really use their ePortfolios?

A pair of hands holds a tablet featuring an ePortfolio.

ePortfolio Project Receives Grant

I was the first post-doc at UWF to be awarded an external grant as the sole PI.

close up on a computer screen lit from above showing several lines of python code

Humble Bundle features Python Books

If you've never heard of Humble Bundle, I'd just like to say your welcome for the gift I'm about to give you. Describing Humble Bundle to the uninitiated is a bit difficult because I'm not sure there's anything else quite like it out there. Humble Bundle offers video games and ebooks for purchase in themed "bundles" … Continue reading Humble Bundle features Python Books